Franks Feline Frolics – or The Webheath Wanderer !

Good morning All ! This morning my blog has a slightly different look to it as its a story about a cat called Frank. Its quite a long tale – as long as a cats tail perhaps – so if you’re sitting comfortably, then I’ll begin…..

Once upon a time there was a cat called Frank. He was a handsome, chocolate point Burmese with the bluest eyes you’ve ever seen – well why else would he be called Frank except for those big ole blue eyes! Frank lived with Matt (my son), Kate (his fiancée) and Austin (my grandson). They lived by the sea in sunny Brighton. Frank had already had an adventure in Brighton when he managed to get himself completely lost for several days and was only found thanks to an intense search party& a tip off that Frank had been seen around the local hospital. So clearly Franks GPS system was already flawed! Anyway, due to job relocations earlier this year, Franks family had to move house and move into a rented house which meant Frank couldn’t go with them. Stephen, my husband, and I invited Frank to come and live with us  and our 8 year old cat Bessie in Webheath. Now Bessie is a quiet cat, independent, comes and goes as she pleases. Her general routine is sleep all day in our bed ( or Bessies bed as she likes to call it!) and out hunting all night. She had settled in well to our new house and had soon fitted in with the local cat social scene, establishing her territory. And then Frank arrived…..

Now Bessies attitude to visitors is ” Yeh nice to see you but I’m off now – be back when you’re all gone”! Frank, however, is a different character altogether. Frank crashes in through the door yelling ” Hey, I’m Frank – lets party”!!! It was quite a shock to quiet living Bessie and needless to say it was NOT love at first sight! Much growling and hissing ensued – all on Bessies part I might add! The first few weeks of house sharing were not easy, in fact it was like having two stroppy teenagers ! There was a great deal of ” I’m not sitting next to him” and “Are you still here?” going on but eventually the two cats grew to tolerate each other and as long as Bessie ate in a different room to Frank and Frank stayed out of Bessies bedroom a modicum of peace prevailed. Frank settled in to life away from the sea and seagulls pretty well and soon had all the lady neighbours swooning over him – well he is a handsome chap! He was careful to divide his attention between the neighbours and felt justified in wandering in and out of their homes to say Hello and of course partake of a morsel or two if it was offered! The ladies didn’t seem to mind and in fact he got on particularly well with Ralph, the little doggie who lived next door. Frank always came home though – usually looking for more food – he was always hungry and was very good at convincing people that he hadn’t eaten for days!

Yesterday started off as a perfectly normal day for Frank. He had eaten Breakfast No.1 with Stephen at about 6.30 then come back to his favourite bed for a snooze whilst waiting for “her indoors” to shake a lazy leg and get up! Breakfast No. 2 wasn’t far away! I decided to have a morning shopping in Droitwich and when I left, Frank was in the house gazing longing at his food bowl in the hope that another tasty morcel might appear. Imagine my surprise therefore when an hour later I received a phone call from my son to say my local vet had rung him to say they had Frank! A few phone calls later and the tale began to unfold.

Frank had gone for a stroll but this time had wandered “off piste” and obviously his GPS had failed once again. He found himself in a strange garden several streets away but spied a door with a catflap – well it would be rude not to say Hello wouldn’t it! SO in he went, only to be met by a little doggie! “Well Hello” said Frank,” I’m Frank and I’ve come to play”. Well Hi” said the doggie, ” come on in, I’ll show you around”! ” Lets rub noses and be friends” said Frank. “Come and meet my sister – she’s a cat but she’s ok” said the doggie. “We’ll go upstairs, she’s in my room” said the doggie. Well although this was a little forward for a first meeting Frank could handle it so upstairs they both went. The other cat was sleeping peacefully in her igloo and was frankly shocked at the intrusion! She retreated further into her igloo and I’m not sure she’s come out yet.

Now the lady who owned the house was also quite surprised at Franks sudden appearance but soon succumbed to his charms and in no time at all had offered him a bite to eat. She noticed Frank had a collar on with a contact number for Petlog – he was chipped. She rang Petlog but was told to take him to her vets so he could be scanned, which she duly did. Imagine the vets surprise when Petlog told them Frank lived in Brighton! ( an oversight on all our parts that we hadn’t changed his details!) That was some journey – maybe he took the train!  A phonecall to Matt and the vets were soon put straight so my shopping trip was quickly cut short and I had to go and rescue Frank from his cage at the vets!

I spoke to the kind lady who took him in and she was fine about his visit – I’m sure it wont be the last time he visits! We exchanged contact details so if he ever turns up at her house again, she can call me straight way.

He was somewhat subdued for the rest of the day and it felt like he was superglued to my feet – he never left my side. Poor Frank – what an adventure he had! I’d like to thing he’s learned a lesson from this experience but then again….. probably not! Perhaps we need to buy him a new satnav for Christmas!

Told you it was a long story – are you still awake???

Til next time…….

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